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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is one of the most diverse cities of Asia comprising of multicultural background with Chinese, Malay and Indian population. Therefore, the diversity in Kuala Lumpur is great. Although   or KL city has not many must-see attractions, there are numerous great areas for walking through in order to experience the local atmosphere.

Kuala Lumpur is a recent city in terms of the development era as compared to the other towns in Malaysia itself. To say that the city has some extravagant places to visit would be an understatement. Almost, the whole of the town has unique architectures and other natural attractions that lure the tourists throughout the year.

Malaysia is a country that many people love to visit for a number of reasons- some like to escape their daily routines and take a break while others come here for their honeymoons. Still others come to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and have a good time with their family. Along with these, Malaysia is also very well-known for its exotic foods. Malaysian cuisine is diverse and the region offers a number of delectable, mouthwatering dishes influenced by other cuisines as well.